Year-round Competition Panfishing!!
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Welcome to the    Northeast Panfish League


Team up with a partner or by yourself and fish open water by boat, then again on ice to earn prizes and points toward the season championship!

Welcome to year around panfish competition with a twist! Up to 100 teams (depending on location).. one or two person teams compete for cash prizes, points and a lunker slab pool!

 Competing for cash, prizes and points that could earn you the championship for each season and the bragging rights! There will be an "open water" team championship, then an "icefishing" team championship and an AAA (All Around Angler) awards for most weight/points total for both, starting the first full season (2014). Plus, a Lunker Slab pool for each monthly open water event and bi-weekly ice event held. Approximately one Sunday per month during open water. Ice events will be every other Sunday to aid in getting all events in, as long as we have good solid safe ice.

$50 Team entry fee (75% prize payout) $40 for entry and $10
Lunker fee (100% payout)

Please read the rules and regulations section!

So, do you think you know a lake well enough to earn it all? There's only one way to find out. Come joins us in the competition! 



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